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I have an opportunity to purchase this guitar, and I've researched the hell out of it but can not quite identify it. It appears to be a Teisco or one of it's sister brands, but the head stock has me thrown. There is no logo on it. I've seen some Teiscos on the 'net that look like this one, but the head stock is 3+3, and I've seen some that have a 6 inline but not on this body.

Any ideas?
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No logo means it could be anything. These guitars were often made in non-guitar factories using parts bought from different sources. Even if it looks like another guitar that could just mean two factories bought similar parts from the same source, but the workmanship could be entirely different. Only buy it if you can play it in person.
Most Teiscos actually had 6 in line headstocks from what I've seen. Definitely looks like one or one of the sister brands.
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Looks like 60s JP Teisco variant. Probably not a great player but worth $50 as wall art.
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Teisco and Kingston used those pickups a lot, and other no name brands were made at the same Kawai factory and anyone could slap their decal on them or just sell them with no logo.
I agree with the above, probably 60's to early 70's Japanese, inexpensive, quality and playability vary greatly. Some were excellent and used by touring musicians, some were beginner guitars thrown in a closet and forgotten for 40 years.
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