I have tried to install both versions 5.2 and 6, and the installation allways goes smooth without errors,and everytime I open up GP in either version I clearly listen to the opening WAVE audio track, but I have tried all the configurations and even tried older releases of the driver but the result is allways the same, maybe is just the OS that needs to be updated to win7, because I had win7 installed and downgraded because a friend told me it would be better for sound editing and way faster and reliable and I went along and did just that but now, I cant compose a song on guitar pro like I usually do because there is just no midi response or playback, I have tried everything, reinstalling XP reinstalling GP and bam I allways get the same, absolute zero midi sound.
The only way that guitar pro actually works on XP is by installing the onboard audio device one of those cheesy Realtek devices that just will never have the same quality as my m-audio fast track usb. But, I want you experts to help me solve this issue because I want to continue working with windows XP and my audio interface without having to go all installing and unistalling drivers just to get midi audio to work, is there a solution

I have no issues working with any DAW or Audio Playback its just the midi that has no sound and I have given every possible runaround on the control panel and so forth...

my gear is:
Ibanez RG8
Peavey 5150
Line 6 POD XT Live
M-Audio Fast Track Usb
What did Arobas tech support say when you called them?
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