Yes, the butterfly latches are key-lockable, or at least one is.
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I use Anvil cases ( http://www.anvilcase.com/ ) and have over 40 of them at this point.


There are combination locks, key locks, hasp locks, etc. available. I've used the hasp locks and buttoned them down with my own locks (when they travel, they get a generous couple of hunks of duct tape to hold them down, keep them from snagging and ensure their not ripping off the cases. I have whole boxes of keyed-alike locks that use exactly the same key, and I'll often mail one ahead to myself in case I lose one on the way.

That *looks* like a key lock (squints at the photos) at one end. If it's a TSA-compatible lock, there are thousands of keys that will open it, and it's possible to pick it in about 15 seconds.

That said, it should be enough to keep the amp from being used (without damaging the case). If I were you I'd wrap a chain around the case through the top handle and secure that with a padlock as well.

I have a length of chain that connects the handles of a bunch of cases at once. It can be removed with a bolt cutter, but at least I don't have to worry about someone doing a Dash, Grab & Run with a single case and then having a comrade snag a bunch of the others while I'm off chasing the first guy.
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