Taken by the bright lights of the city made of gold
I don't know how I got here, it's been a trip, I'm told
I never wanted Hollywood to be who I became
Behind the lies and politics, between the fortune and the shame

Another hopeful heart breaker in the back of a limousine
In over her head, under the gun, begging for a change of scene
When the credits to our lives roll by, it's all 'bout who you know
There's never any sequel and the studios all fold

Blinded by the California sun
You gotta learn to lose, know when to run
Before you're blinded by that California sun
Turn around before you hurt someone (before it gets to you)

Someone else always gets the role, the part you were born to play
Traffic on the 405 hasn't moved since yesterday
I got lost and turned around on Sunset Boulevard
Who would've thought we'd be so quick to fall so goddamn hard

The city of Lost Angels came to take one more away
Living in some mansion's just the price we have to pay
An act of desperation for the hunger and the fame
To see our names up in lights

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