Hello People!
I'd like to introduce you my band Elephant and Whale!
We are a trio from the heart of the Turkey, Istanbul. A Little bit like Progressive Rock, a Little bit like Shoegaze.
We released our first song today, promise, there is and will be more.
I'd love to hear your opinons and criticisms.

Listened to Rosebuds. I really liked the music, but I'd look over the effects and mixing/mastering. And I understand wanting the mysterious vibe on the vocals with effects and so on, but I barely hear the words at all. Maybe try easing up on the effects and raising the volume of the vocals a bit. Also the cymbals and hi-hat kind of take over the sound too much I think, rest of the drums was fine though, so could also be the microphone setup on drums that needs looking over?

Then I listened to Hello as well, nice song, liked the mixing/mastering a bit better on that one. Couldn't place exactly why, just a feeling I got