Can you recommend me some good flamenco, and spanish guitar type songs(some of them fingerstyle)? Thanks
There is a lot of flamenco I can guide you to, but I've a vague hunch that's not entirely what you are looking for. So I'll try to send you both, though to what extents I can send you 'not-really' flamenco is limited. Both are still worth looking into


- Sabicas; Alegrias, Bulerias, Farruca, Tientos, Zambra, Zapateado, (this are relatively older recordings, and have an entirely different vibe than modern flamenco can. One can also look at Nino Ricardo, Pepe Cepero, Melchor de Marchena)
- Vicente Amigo; Morente, Mensaje, Vivencias Imaginadas (this is basically new {jazz-}flamenco, Vicente being largely considered to follow in Paco de Lucia's footsteps.) A suggestion for a song you might use, would be the cooperation between Paco de Lucia and Camaron de la Isla's "Como el Agua".

Not Flamenco, but often recognized as such and associated with...

- Gipsy Kings, just about anything will do, if considered flamenco these would be rumba's for the most part.
- Rodrigo y Gabriela, the latter using some techniques. But she too recognizes that what they do has no real relation to actual flamenco.

If you've a mind to really dig into it I can give you more material, but that will take some searching on my part. A shortcut to this, would be for you to look into flamenco, and then the 'rumba' style in particular.
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^ I believe Rod Y Gab call it nuevo flamenco
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