Here's a track off my forthcoming album.

It's very retro.. 1970ish. It's heavily influenced by Steely Dan with Bill Nelson type samples thrown in. The title was obviously inspired by the B52's...

Planet Claire

Thanks for listening guys

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Thanks for the crit, G. (Remember, kids... C4C, below!)

Ooo, it's Planet Claire! We headin' there. It's got some squirrely voiceover. That's groovy. Zoom, there we go.

I like that "glang-glang" guitar part. Makes it a clap along.

Smelling the languid, 70's guitar and smarmy vocals. That's a fun thing. Do you play all the instruments in your stew?

Lot's of songs. Yum. Keep on rolling, you wham-bam Nam Tattoo!
(C4C) Here's the thread for my loopy loop, "We Began." It's kooky... CLICK
Hey Hydra,

Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to my track.

Yes I play all the instruments on my songs, apart from the drums which I grudgingly programme... it's a real time consuming pain writing drum parts!

How on earth do you know about Nam Tattoo???... I haven't even published that one yet!
Oh heck, must have my settings wrong on bandcamp or something.

Once again many thanks for listening and for your kind words of support and encouragement. I'm off for another listen to "We began"

Best Wishes