Ok it's been asked a thousand times I'll make a thousand and one. Looking to get a real 80's metal sound. Anywhere from the classic Ratt sound to the "pop" style like Poison. I have a 1984 Marshall 800 combo and playing on a Jackson KE with a Pearly Gate on the bridge. Besides a tube screamer what other gear would be essential. I can't "hotrod" my amp or tweak anything. Just looking for a couple accessories to really bring out that sound. Thanks!
Leather pants and Aquanet is all you need now.

And an 80s MIJ SD1.

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Some kind of phaser or flanger? I feel like that's a standard part of the hair metal arsenal. And probably a chorus for clean sections. There's definitely boxes that'll do all three for you.
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Those 80s tones were often an ADA MP-1 rack preamp-even in the 80s there were empty Marshall stacks on stage. They sell cheap used, and there's a pedal version. Rockman headphone amps were used on some studio recordings (especially Mutt Lang stuff), I'm sure there's a pedal for that, too.
I'd just slam the front end with a nice booster and when I say slam it....Oh boy, you gotta hit it harder than EVH hit the bottle.

The 80s tones weren't as saturated as most people would think. RAT, a Screamer, a DS1. ALSO, really cool trick for a live tone - Preferably in the loop, use a delay with one repeat. Yes. Just one. and have it at like 23ms so its pretty much on top of your original signal. Thickens up a typically thin 80s hair tone.
ALSO a higher output pickup will certainly do you some good in driving the front of the amp.
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Chorus is essential to most Hair Metal leads

Nail on the head. It's not a 80s solo without a chorus pedal and I'm a Ok with that
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Quote by darkwolf291
Chorus is essential to most Hair Metal leads

Another +1

Delay is way up there too.
All you really need is chorus and a good stereo or ping-pong delay for the leads and amp or amp model of Marshall, Mesa, Peavy...really anything that was available at the time, but Marshalls were definitely most popular. You've got the amp covered, really. Tube screamer is standard as well and maybe some wah too.

Really, "hair metal" wasn't even a real genre - most of the bands were similar in the idea that it was metal or rock with catchy, anthemic choruses about drugs and stat-rape, but the actual sound of the bands was often very different. Ratt really didn't sound like Poison who didn't sound like Dokken who didn't sound like Danger Danger who didn't sound like Skid Row. Just about anything done production wise on the guitars and drums (gated reverb on the snare) were just trendy techniques in almost all 80s music.
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You need a chorus pedal, 480 ms delay with big reverb, medium gain amp with high powered pickup on the bridge (12k ohms to 16k ohms) and you'll be in the game
Chorus and maybe delay.
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sd1 is a good call

chorus/phaser/flanger/delay are all a good idea too
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