Underoath - Writing on the Walls (Guitar Cover)

If you're stoked this band is going on tour finally like myself, you may enjoy this!


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I feel a little bit uncomfortable about judging your cover since you are way better and more experienced than me, but I will do it anyway since you asked me to do so!
It's absolutely sick cover, but I think you could improve the parts with high tones (especially from 0:25), you could try to hit the strings with a little bit smaller force, or maybe try to add a little bit of vibrato to it, I find those "squaky" tones to be very annoying to record since it is really easy for the camera to mess up with them and then it can get very unpleasant to listen to. I've found sneaky solution for this problem by just stopping playing for a few secs and changing the effect of my guitar to something less aggressive, maybe you could try something like that with the AMP behind you.
Also, but I guess that's personal preference, I feel like the original track could have been a little bit louder, or maybe your guitar is too loud.
However! I need to tell you that I dig how you are able to move and hype things up even while sitting, I think that's something many covers lack and it's able to improve it so much.
Anyway liked and subscribed, it sounds very good
^Seconding a lot of what was previously stated. It is an amazing cover with a few mistakes, but that is fine. You bring more personality to the cover by just jamming out with it and doing your own thing. The backing original track and your covering were near the same volume to me, so that's all right. Other than that, can't really find anything to nitpick on it at all.