Hello! I'm new to this forum and really hope I'm posting this in the right place, but I really need some help:

My aunt has recently asked me to sing at her wedding and gave me the title to a song I have never heard. I looked it up on here and I couldn't find any tabs. I was hoping that someone could be a gem and lend a hand?

The song is called "The Future" by Anna Barnett (click here for her page on ReverbNation)

Thank you so much everyone!
You may actually get more help here than other subforums since the others generally don't have substantial web traffic.

Without my guitar and using just my ears, it sounds like the key of E major. I think I hear an E, G#, A , and a C#m. I'm just basing that off what I remember those chords sound like, so I don't suggest taking them too seriously.
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