I'm a Hardcore Punk/Post - Punk guitarist, whose been playing for seven years now and I've been kind of getting sick of playing loud, fast and distorted music. So I've been opening my mind up and listening to bands like Cluster, Can, Kraftwerk, Neu!, and my biggest favorite, Brian Eno. One album that has got me speechless and inspired is his masterpiece Another Green World. I've researched online and found little information on how Eno and his crew managed to get the sounds they did on all the songs , especially "Sky Saw", "In Dark Trees" and "ST. Elmo's Fire". "In Dark Trees" sounds like him or maybe Fripp, was using a Delay pedal on the guitar, but the atmospheric soundscape is what I'm pondering on. Does anyone know how they managed to get these unique sounds? It's inspiring me to innovate myself when it comes to playing guitar and I'd really like to come up with some different unique sounds as well. Also because of Eno, Kraftwerk, and Cluster, I'm really wanting to do an Electronic /Ambient side project that'll probably be called LANDS. But yeah, if anyone has any information on Another Green World's equipment, gear and whatnot, let me know. I'm very interested.
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