Hello guys!

First of all since this is the section for new users I shall introduce myself.
I am from Portugal, 22 years old and I play guitar for about 3 years.

Now, I would like to get some help on buying a new amp. I have a line6 spider iv 15 and it just sounds wrong for me.

Budget? - I have about 400 euros max

Genres? - I like to play mainly Rock, Blues, Metal. Mostly stuff like GnR Metallica etc

New or Used? - I am open to both.

Home or Gig? - I play mainly at home in my bedroom, once in a while I play with some friends with a piano and drums too but it is rare.

Closest City? - Well since Im from Portugal the closest city is my city the great Lisbon! (Lisboa for the curious)

Current Gear? - I own an epi les paul standard and the line6 spider iv 15. I also own an agile 8 string because why not.

Thank you guys in advance.