Welcome everyone!

I'm Mike and I was wondering how to share my original ideas in the compact and interesting way. And I came up with an idea of creating one hundred seconds songs / riffs.

New video I try to put every week, and so far I managed to record three of them. These are my ideas, played at the spur of the moment. And in my mind there are still lots of ideas.

Leave a comment, tell me what you think. And if you like it you can subscribe.
Put a link to your music, I am happy to listen to your work and comment on it!

I hope you enjoy it.

100 Seconds Riffs |#1| Bass Head
100 Seconds Riffs |#2| Double Tracking
100 Seconds Riffs |#3| To be plugged or unplugged
Hey man. I listened to number 4. The riffing is solid. The main riff is straightforward but I could see it working well as a backing to a verse or chorus. My favourite part was the riff with the added harmonics from around 0:25 and the lead playing was solid. The mix was decent and everything was audible. Possibly a little bass heavy but my speakers sometimes overdo the low end! All in all a solid and enjoyable piece.

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100 Seconds Riffs #1: Bass Head

First off, I digged the old camcorder filter you used here. Some of the video shots in here are really cool. Are you using a GoPro for this? The bends at 0:30 are perfect. The interaction between the bass and guitar was pretty enjoyable at 0:50. The harsh, bluesy phrasing towards the end was a nice touch.

100 Seconds Riffs #2: Double Tracking

This is definitely very funky and pretty technical. For some reason this reminded me of Frank Zappa. Around 0:58 the vibe really changes, it's noticeably heavier but still very groovy.

100 Seconds Riffs #3: To be plugged or unplugged

You have a very clear and articulate tone coming from your nylon string. Knocking on it for that percussive effect was a nice touch. It definitely felt more intimate than a drumtrack.

100 Seconds Riffs #4 Intoxicated Rage

I think this one REALLY deserves some expansion. It'd be awesome to hear a live band playing this. The heavy blues-rock leads are also spot on.

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The first one, I like it quite a bit, I like around 50 sec, when the lead doubles up with the rhythm giving it a dirty powerful punch. Real tasty shit.

The second one for the first half had everything i really liked about the first, being real heavy. Real funky.

The third acoustic riff, is real groovy, reminds me a bit of slash's first solo album.

The 4th is also epic, sorry I haven't wrote a lot its hard to do when you like it all. Real good musicianship and an exceptional mix. Keep it up!

Star Wars is my favorite movie of all time. Before going to the cinema to see The Force Awakens, I decided to make some fun riffs based on music themes from the previous episodes.
May the force be with you!
100 Seconds Riffs | STAR WARS The Force Awakens Edition | Duel Of The Fates