~ After the process of crowning comes the fret dress - I find it very hard work with all the different grits and the time it takes and the work involved to get the frets free from marks and polished ,. How do big company's like ESP and Gibson do there frets ? I can believe they have people sanding away on the frets its to time consuming
new frets are installed most efficiently with a fret press. height is far easier to maintain and there is virtually no heavy sanding/filing or leveling needed for a basic production grade instrument. beveling and end dressing is done by hand.
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95% of production instruments do not have their frets leveled, that's why a good luthier can improve how a brand new guitar plays by doing this process.

The answer on how to avoid scratches is to not start with a coarse grit paper or file to level or crown them, then you won't have any deep scratches to remove. I don't use anything under 320 to level. Your crowning file should also be around 320 diamond grit which won't leave much mess behind. After this 0000 steel wool will have them looking pretty shiny and scratch free .