Could I turn the tone control knob down and bass control down as well as turning the volume up to make the midrange sound more prominent in my strat? I like the Eric Clapton circuit, except that it requires a tbx and a battery, neither of which I like.
I haven't really found that to work very well.

I have a Chandler Tone-X in a couple of guitars now (sweepable mids boost of about 16 dB on a push-pull), but that, too, requires a battery (as do all real boosts).

Another way to go is to simply park a wah. If you don't need the "rocker" effect, you can use something like a Jekeko Parked Wah

Are there any good alternatives or mods to the tbx, because the bass cut on those might as well not even be there
oh come now guys, answer his question instead of doing unrelated stuff...gawww.... in all seriousness as I try to be helpful.

easy solution I'd do but you need a concentric pot. They aren't too expensive thankfully as to boost mids and to cut bass passively to me is a pipe dream. I have something very similar to this in my BC Rich guitars I jokingly called the MBX in a prototype form where it's just a blend pot. But if I wanted it out and to put something better in it I'd do this idea below.

so my idea
the top portion - fender greasebucket knob or a more classic bass cut , i like the greasebucket a lot, it gets rid of muddiness and keeps the pickups resonant peaks. Seymour Duncan JB , Dimarzio X2N , Seymour duncan invaders and other really hot pickups with lots of treble this is especially nice on.

bottom bortion - torres engineering mid cut/boost
think of it as if you're wiring two pots as a concentric unlike a blend 10 is 10 and 0 is 0 on each individual knob.

you get 90% of the components from Tayda2009 (probably spelled wrong) and the Xicon TL021 inductor from mouser. A good concentric pot try the center detent B500k/B500k concentric pot on ebay because the way the torres one works is it has to be at 5 for there to be no boosting of mids or cutting of it.

parts list, it's a lot of stuff compared to this or that you're going to do a lot.
1m resistor
220k resistor
4.7k resistor (or similar, it just prevents the pot from going to 0%) - metal film
0.1uf capacitor
0.039uf capacitor
0.022uf capacitor (two of them)
TL42021 audio transformer - 1.5H inductor , to set one up I may have a blog on it, it's super easy

you have to get that specific audio transformer for the mids to work
all the capacitors are metalized mylar polyester - the green kind, you can use "higher end" ones but start cheap and see if you like it

resistors 1/4w , you can go carbon or metal film , metal film for the fender greasebucket they use but it's not TOO important. The theory is they use metal film because fender just has so many of them. But the 4.7k one you can use anything from 1k to whatever else you may have.
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75$ is insane, since he came up with it all the power to him. The audio transformer and all cost next to nothing. Here's a scehmatic to help people. Remember to twist the components and tin them.

Well, you could try that, but don't expect it to sound great. You don't get more mid by cutting treble and bass. You get it by adding more mid. Why not just get an EQ pedal? Set it up with a mid boosted curve, and kick it on when you need it.
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