Hey guys,

so my band just finished choosing a song for our next video. To be honest, the choice was harder than I thought. We had a difficult time settling on one but finally we chose this one:

EDIT: See last post for the actual video

I'd be curious to hear what you think of the song and if you think it could potentially port well to video. It's too late to change anything in the song but we're always writing more songs so comments are welcome.

C4C, of course!
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I rather like the way the track starts off, nice choice of arpeggios.
This is a nice track, very catchy and sort of trippy as well. Drum work especially, sort of gets your feet tapping.

One minor criticism would be, it could use some variation, there seems to be a lot of repetition of riffs. Not that it sounds bad, I just have a preference for lots of variations.
The lead is pretty nice, sort of meanders around, concludes nicely, sort of early Pink Floyd vibe.

TBH I'd say this can work for a video, there's a lot of catchiness here.


Thanks for the crit on my band's video, we definitely appreciate it!

I guess the question that would help determine if the song would be appropriate for a video is to ask more about what kind of video you guys would be doing? I thought the intro to the video was potentially too long...the build up was cool, but you could even half the very beginning and it probably have the same effect. I love the vocals, the vocal FX, and the harmonies placement. It is all very unique. A big reason for that is the dark chord progression used, which I am also a fan of. Great indie style recording quality too for sure.

One thought on the video side of things is that the outro may be a bit long for a typical video depending on what you want to do with it? Ultimately I think it could work though, it just depends on what you do with it. Sweet song. Also threw you guys a facebook like.
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