Hey everyone, I just bought a used standard series M2 online and I can't find much info online in the way of specs for it. It is the bolt on model with rosewood board and EMG's. The question I have is, what neck profile does it have?

From what I can find, the e-ii version has the thin-u, same as my eclipse which I love. My KH has the extra thin flat which is really great too but I can't find anything about which neck profile the m-ii has. I've read somewhere (I think) that it has an extra thin u, but I would like to confirm that, and any other info anyone could provide on it would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance
The bolt-on M-IIs as I recall had the "Extra Thin Flat" profile, though it could very well be the "Extra Thin U".
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I have a bolt on M-II and it's neck is significantly thinner than my eclipse. The neck should be the same as your Kh.
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Ok, awesome! Thank you guys for the help. I was thinking it had the extra thin of some sort, the new ones have the thin u which I think would be interesting on this guitar but I'll be very happy with the extra thin, I am loving it more and more on the KH.
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I got her yesterday, if anyone else wants to know, this appears to be the extra thin U. It is more round than the neck on the KH but thinner than the one on the eclipse. I really like it, plays smooth and it's effortless to hit any note.
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