Hey, I want to purchase a used schecter sls from someone. It's in really good condition except there's a crack along the body and neck as seen in the pictures. It also goes along the side of the fretboard as well. Do you think this is just a finish crack or is the wood cracked as well? Can this be fixed? If so how do you recommend fixing it? There's also a small crack between the floyd rose and the bridge pickup. Could that be fixed as well? He claimed that it never fell or anything and there isn't any dents on the guitar as well so I don't think it fell. So what could of caused this to happen? Thanks!

No, that is a set neck. All the SLS models are. Schecter just smooths and finishes over their set necks, which makes many of them look neck thru. As for the cracks, that one looks pretty mean. If you can play this guitar before buying, and it feels good, and that crack doesn't look like it's splitting deep, it could still be nice, for a low price. Honestly though, the used market is chock full of nice schecters. If you like that model, you could probably find one in near flawless condition. Shouldn't need to settle.
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It's difficult to tell based on the pictures how deep the cracks are. In any case, I'd choose the safe route and stay away from it. There are all kinds of used guitars on the market that are in far better condition and around the price range of a SLS.
I'm with BlackDeath92, I'd avoid it. That neck crack is pretty nasty and likely the product of a fall or an in-case drop (they don't necessarily show up as an issue further up the neck).

The crack next to the Floyd is also slightly concerning. Understand that the Floyd is always being pulled forward toward the bridge pickup with quite a bit of force. I've actually seen bridges pulled right into the bridge pickup cavity, and that little "dam" of wood between the two collapsed completely.