It was reported that he bit another passenger during the two-hour Aer Lingus flight between Lisbon and Dublin on Sunday and had to be restrained.

"At first it seemed it was a young man being ill, but then it developed into something much more serious. I thought he was having a medical seizure," he said.
"The cabin crew rushed to the back of the plane. The guy had to be restrained and his seizure seemed to get worse. He was on the ground shaking violently and the noise he was making was like deep anguish - very, very troubled.
"There were two nurses and a doctor on board, and they started to administer CPR and kept that going until the plane landed in Cork.
"We were held on the plane for about two hours.
"It was a very violent end and to die that way at the back of an airplane is not good - it wasn't very pleasant at all."

Prepare your emergency supplies!
"It wasn't very pleasant at all."

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They really shouldve waited to post that story until after doing an autopsy so they actually know what he was on
But yeah it sounds a lot like bath salts
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