I live in a tropical, VERY humid climate and play in a Classic Rock beach bar band. A Gibson SG to a Digitech RP500 out through XLR to a Yamaha StagePas 600i is my setup.

The problem is that my 1/4" cables, of which I have tried about 5-6 brands over the years, are failing where the wires are soldered/screwed/heat wrapped to the connectors. New ones last about six months. Then they have to be pulled tight through the guitar strap on their way to the connection while the cable end is bent just right to play - with all sorts of grounding and screeching to come eventually until I can reverse the ends or replace it.

Any ideas on repairs or fortifying the ends? Currently I'm resigned to buying a soldering kit and making the repair. BTW it seems all of these cables, regardless of price, seem to have the same construction!
Use quality cable and Switchcraft ends and solder them yourself. Get heavy duty heat shrink insulation and create strain-relief over cable and end to minimize movement. Be careful to always disconnect by the ends and avoid pulling from the cable.

I use a variety of different cables. The store bought seem to last a Few years but many of my original home-built have been in service for 30 years. I need to get out the soldering iron and spend an evening repairing my trusty dusty.
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