No, don't buy it. The brand in this case doesn't matter. It's likely a piece of garbage if it's being sold under 100 euros.
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Staggs are boat anchors. Don't waste your time on it.
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I also have to do that. Cottaging this weekend
I honestly would'nt buy a Stagg.They are about as cheap a guitar as you can possibly get.
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Staggs are boat anchors. Don't waste your time on it.

They're boat anchors for people who aren't overly fond of their boats.

If you want a guitar to destroy at a gig, then a Stag is a good bet, because the only way to get a cheaper guitar is to make a guitar shape out of cereal boxes and tape it together.
Stagg is not an actual brand. Stagg is the name that a company based in Belgium puts on music related stuff they import from whatever sweatshop that sells real cheap. Every now and then something they sell isn´t utter garbage but you can just as well play the lottery!