Chances is a song that I have been working on recently having taken a break from it for a while. It is the only song of mine that I have ever performed at a live gig and it seemed to go down well.

I will leave you, the listener, to establish its meaning and to take from it whatever you feel.


Here are the lyrics:

I have to go now,
You have to stay,
I don't know how long,
I'll be away.

You need me with you,
You say you do,
I know you're lying,
I'm lying too.

Chances are hard to come by,
Don't go leaving them behind,
Second ones impossible to find.
Because I really love you,
It is easier to see,
That you don't know,
If you really love me.

I've been around here,
I've heard a lot,
I know what you are,
And what you're not.

I've heard your story,
It made me smile,
I don't know how long,
Is worth my while.


I sit here as I wonder,
Do I know my right from wrong,
Or has my heart,
Been lying all along.

I ask myself some questions,
They keep running through my mind,
Still the answers,
I can't find.

Still the answers,
I can't find.
Still i'm running through my mind.
Still the answers,
I can't find.