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I bought a guitar on ebay, unfortunately it arrived yesterday with a big crack at the headstock/scarf joint area of the neck. I have contacted the buyer and he says he paid for it to be packed and shipped by an authorized 3rd party UPS shipper that is not the UPS store. However, I think he may be lying because the box was used from guitar center and it was packed with only shredded paper, no bubble wrap at all. It was packed in a hard case and surrounded by shredded paper in a used box. He says he will contact the company that shipped it because he had it insured. I have provided pictures and responded to all of his messages, but I can already tell that he is going to be dragging his heels the whole way if UPS doesn't settle this.

He already has my money, what is my recourse here? How do these situations usually work out for the buyer (I paid through paypal, but stupidly used my bank account instead of my credit card). Should I open up a case with ebay?

If UPS shows up at my house or the seller demands me to return the item, should I wait until getting my money back give the guitar away? I was going to offer to have it repaired and let him eat the cost for the repair, but I'm afraid it would look like I am trying to scam him. Any advice?
Tell the seller to either give you a refund or you'll open a case with eBay/Paypal. Those companies are pretty good with buyer protection, and there's no reason that you need to have the guitar with you if UPS really did mishandle the item.
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I checked out the company (their name was on the label). They're legit. Its the seller that's being sketchy as fuck, making demands of me when I'm the one getting screwed. Somehow he had 100% feedback. He has my name and address so I don't want to piss him off either.
Dispute it with the seller, demanding either a full refund and returning the guitar to him, or a partial refund to cover the cost of the repair via your insurance. If he refuses, open a case with Ebay/Paypal and your chances will be decent. Ebay/Paypal generally does side with the buyer.

Ideally, one should actually film themselves unboxing it as it arrived. Makes for solid evidence in case the seller calls bullshit.
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Spending a lot of money on a guitar and it arriving at your door with a snapped headstock is never a joke.
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