been playing electric guitar for over 8 years. Would it be a good idea to pickup the bass as a secondary instrument? pros and cons?
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Maybe you should drop the bass and do more relevant things in music, like dropping the bass.

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yeah sure.
pros -- you can play guitar, so picking up bass guitar should be pretty easy.
cons -- idk, having to buy new gear?
Oh, and there's really no answer to your question other than it really just matters as to whether or not you'll enjoy it, which you won't know until you try.
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ukulele is way cooler

or get the best of both worlds and get a u-bass:

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pros: Technique is instantly transferable, bass amps sound way cooler when you play your regular 6 strings through them, new experience/learning thing which is cool and will be rewarding

cons: although basic technique is transferable bass is a different instrument and needs to be approached differently, its a more physically demanding instrument I've found, fret spaces being bigger ect leads to cramping more and it can be harder to fret and get good technique/playing down. Unless you want to be a proper scrub and play your bass through a regular guitar amp (and blow the speaker) you'll need to spend even more money getting an amp. Bass is a backing instrument and many people find it quite lackluster to play, preferring more "exciting" things

I started out on guitar and switched to bass (still play my guitar from time to time but I'm 95% bass now). I'd recommend finding a cheap second hand bass if you're interested, go into a local music shop and ask to try some of the cheap basses out and see how you feel. I mean I'd recommend getting one anyway if you're really interested as the two instruments are very similar

but then again I'd recommend anyone trying a new instrument, I'm still looking at getting a cheap keyboard/piano
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I've found that getting into bands as a bass player is way easier than as a guitarist, since everyone and their mother already plays guitar
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