Hi all

I'm looking for advice on how to improve my general tone and how to do it. I'm currently playing a Gibson SG straight into a Peavey VK MH20 with no pedals. At low volumes the tone is slightly too harsh and trebly and when loud is way too harsh and trebly. I've played with EQ on the amp obviously but doesn't seem to help, and happens on most levels of gain as well. What would be the first thing to try to get the sound more well rounded, thicker through the mids and less harsh. I do have a EQ pedal which I can try in the loop, but I'm also thinking of trying a cheap OD such as Joyo in front of the amp to thicken the tone.

The main problem I suppose is I have no real experience what so ever in buying pedals (knowing what I need) or finding the right settings on the amp so not sure where the best place to start is. Any suggestions?
I haven't changed pup height yet so I'll try that first. I'll also play with the tone as well. Cheers for response!
Just roll off the tone on your bridge PU. That is how the pros do it and no purchase necessary.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
OD will help. interesting as VKs are known to be on the dark side tone wise (perhaps this has changed with the new head). if using the clean channel then turn off the bright switch. i'd leave the boost switch off on the gain channel. there should be a button on the back that changes the resonance which may need to be changed as well.
Through what speakers?
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It's through a Marshall 1912 1x12, dunno the exact sspeaker speaker but I know it did it on a Mesa 4x12 as well.
does it have an fx loop? you can do a lot with an eq in the loop of an amp. i get the people that don't want to change the amp too much by doing that, but it can do a lot and really help you out. I used to do that to roll off highs and boost the mids a bit, or just as a super clean volume boost. if you have the cash, a solid eq pedal is a great investment
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Yeah it has a fx loop and I have a Behringer EQ so I'll try that later.