I'm unhappy with my new guitar so I want to either trade it or sell it for a nice 7 string in the $400 used range. There is one I really like, but I don't know anything about 7's so I could be missing out on other cool ones. throw some recommendations my way!
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Also, the guitar I really want is 25.5" scale. Is that going to effect anything? I plan on playing G standard at the lowest
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G standard is low. I'd go 27". Then again I just like tight strings and was running a 70 for B on a 25.5". But either way, you might have issues with tension unless you use like an 80 for the low G on a 25.5". Look for a used Agile baritone. You may even find a good new one for $400. But Aile is your best bet either way.
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I was thinking of a baritone but I really want to be able to play in E standard too. Will look into Agile, there's a couple neat ones in my range on Craigslist
Baby Joel's rabbit profile picture is kinda cute. #TeamJOEL
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25,5" should be fine generally although indeed going down to G you might want something a bit longer.

Schecter is generally a very solid choice and they're 26,5" which is a great compromise imo, I think if you find a good deal you may get something like a Hellraiser or Blackjack for the price which are solid midrange models.
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I'd start here - http://www.rondomusic.com/cgi-rondomusic/sb/productsearch.cgi?storeid=*0c1421a8d614cc26

If you want a superstrat, Black, EMG 707s, and a Floyd they have one for $399.

Changing the scale length in your search will bring up the different models - first number is the number of strings, second two are the scale length - 725, 727, etc.

I'd also look for nice used Ibanez, Jackson, or ESP.
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