Hello everyone,

My name is Project and I'm planning on creating a pedalboard with which I'm able to stream my sessions as well. Sadly I am doing alot of research in a field of terminology where I'm unfamiliar with. I do not know the perfect setup of my pedals / chain order and I'm still hesitant about some pedals I need / want to buy.

I'll tell you what I got in mind so far:

I want a pedalboard that stands on it's own. With it's own cable circuit. It needs to have it's own power supply (probably a big one) And preferably a completely silent one, my ears are very sensitive to noise. This pedalboard in it's completed form will only need a guitar to plug into the board, and a cable from the amp to the pedalboard and ofcourse netpower to turn on the power supply inside the board. It would be best if the pedalboard has it's own on/off switch but i'm not sure If that's possible to make.

The order of my pedals on the pedalboard would be something like this:

-ISP Theta Pre-Amp Pedal (I think)
-Volume Pedal
-Deja Vibe
-(Strymon Deco)
-Strymon Timeline + Multiswitch attached to it for it's looper.
-Strymon BigSky

I'm not completely sure if I want to use the Multiswitch as a looper, or a stand-alone looper, I have a boss-RC3 Loop Station and I'm not completely satisfied with the soundquality, perhaps the Strymon-Timeline will offer me better quality.

I've seen on alot of forums / pedal-chain order, that the Reverb pedal needs to be the last one in the chain, but I wondered how that would effect my setup since I want to use the Multi-switch as a looper, which is basicly my delay pedal.

The Strymon pedal's have a stereo-output, and I would like to record my sessions in stereo as well. The pedalboard will have 1 input and 2 outputs for that reason, and perhaps if possible a seperate headphone-output if that's possible but that will be the next point.

I also wondered if there is a possibility to sent the final signal that normally goes to the amplifier, to headphones of some sort, and hear me guitarplaying through headphones instead of an amplifier. (for playing at night)

And last but not least, In order to share my sessions I need to record it, but the overwhelming sound that comes from my amplifier can't be something that I can emulate with the microphone from a headset (obviously) I wondered if there was a possibility to sent the signal directly to my pc and Stream the sound in 24 bit Stereo quality.

If anyone has any suggestions I'll be pleased! I've been bothering for months with this concept already but I can't seem to find the right answers, perhaps I'm asking the wrong questions.

Thanks for your time!

You could send from the reverb pedal to a Yamaha mixer for headphone use, I do this for mixing my vocals and guitar sounds. I suggest the MG06 mixer as you can power it using a voodoo labs 4x4 isolator/power supply. Not cheap but very quite and a great way to keep your board looking tidy and losing all the power cords! I use a splitter to run into two 9v inputs from the mixer. My order goes:
Tuner-Compressor-Boost-Pitch Shifter-Overdrive-Phaser-Delay-Tremolo-Reverb
I use a voicelive TC Helicon to sing, hence me needing a mixer...just to stop confusion amongst guitarists asking me why a mixer?
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