I recently started taking guitar lessons at age 45. 20 Years ago I had a el cheapo guitar and I taught myself some basic chords but I never continued. Now I thought I buy a better quality guitar and take lessons. My guitar is a Taylor 114e. Besides that I have a Luna Safari Muse nylon 3/4 travel guitar.

About the 3/4 size guitar I have a tuning question. It has D'Addario EJ45 Pro-Arté Nylon, Normal Tension strings and I think the default tuning is in E (EADGBE). I found the strings a bit sloppy so I tried to tune it in A (ADGCEA) which is 5 steps higher. While tuning the 4th string I noticed that the tension might be too high and I tuned it back to standard tuning. Now I wonder if I could have damaged the guitar by putting temporarily a too high tension on the strings and thus the neck?
Yes. Very possible, Tho I'm not aware of the strength of Nylon strings it's wise to visit a guitarcenter that's specialised in setting up guitars just to make sure everything is alright.
I wonder if a 150 dollar guitar is worth bringing it for a checkup in a guitar center... how will i notice myself if anything is damaged? Will it be out of tune fast or anything like that?
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