Is it ok that my wooden bridge on my acoustic guitar to have string cuts, I think my saddle might have been to low because where the holes are for the strings to go into have cut groves in . should I replace the bridge or is this normal ?
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Indentations or even slots cut between the pinholes and the saddle are quite normal. How much saddle is showing above the bridge, and what is the distance bewteen the bottom of the 4th string and the guitar top at the bridge?

Don't have any string on the guitar at the point but the high E side on the saddle is nearly flush with the bridge and the low e side is about 2 mm from the bridge .
Eh, not good, especially on the treble side. If it was a decent guitar with a resettable neck, that is what you would be thinking about doing for about $500! Less expensive options involve modifying the bridge:

The bridge could be shaved to win some more saddle height - this used to be a standard fix.

Ramps could be cut between the pin holes and the saddle to get more string break angle over the saddle. I do this routinely, particularly to get USTs working properly

I've also seen notches cut in the bridge under the strings to get more clearance. I suppose it works, but it looks ugly as.

A good simple test for adequate string break angle to tune the string up to full pitch, and then see if you can lift it clear of the saddle. If you can't, it is OK.
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