Our drummer needs a long cable run from one side of the stage to the other for his monitor. We do not have a long enough speaker cable, but if we could couple two together it would reach. What about a female to female 1/4 coupler to fix that? Would it melt? I read that higher wattage signal might allow the signal to arc across the sleeve and tip. I do not think the signal is that strong. Curious about any other potential problems as well. I imagine that if it were to be suddenly unplugged while powered, the tip-sleeve of the cable would arc on the sleeve of the coupler and that would be no fun.

Also, I think I have mentioned it before, but we used to run that powered monitor port into just a set of headphones. Nothing ever blew up and it worked fine. Could I just couple the speaker cables together, couple again, and plug the headphones in? If I remember from that thread, the imps from the headphones are so high that it drastically reduces the wattage. What formulas are there so that I could calculate what would happen?

Edit: Think I found the formula somewhat. The more ohms, inversely less wattage. With the headphones (presuming high imps) hooked up to two couplers, the power wouldn't be strong enough to arc or melt anything I presume.
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How long of a cable do you need? Why not just buy a long cable? You can get 12 gauge for like 50 cents a foot.

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Just buy a long enough cable. Trying to jerry rig things when you don't have to is just begging to break something.

As for the headphone question, you're over thinking things if you're talking about formulas. An output made to go to a self powered monitor should be fine for headphones. And you shouldn't need to worry about wattage because an output like that shouldn't be amplified. But don't plug headphones into a speaker output from anything that amplifies. And don't use speaker cable for anything but speakers, running from an amp.

Just get the right cables and hook stuff up in the simplest way possible.
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You are just going to cause problems down the line. Get a proper cabke.
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^Thanks for the cable suggestion. I think that would be best as well. We are just going to get a 50ft cable. We still need to add a coupler to the end of it so that the headphones can attach. If the coupler were to be unplugged on the speaker cable end, could the tip-sleeve connection of the speaker cable caused by the sleeve of the coupler cause something to fry? If that makes sense...