Hello fellow experienced guitar players or musicians. I need a boost.

**Please reply to this post with useful exercices and interesting sequences. Pretty Self-explanatory.

I am building a new warm-up routine for myself and this post can be VERY USEFUL to other intermediate players as well. Stuff for guitar players. Thank you.

1. Can you give me 5 useful chord progressions ? (no power chords please)

2. Can you give me 5 ascending sequences on the neck ? (any scale)

3. Can you give me 2 of your personal best exercices for arpegio sweeps ? At which speed should I practice those ?

4. Can you give me 8 jazz chords that are rich in color ? (I will compose music with those)

5. What is your tip to obtain a unique way of soloing ? Is it to combine chops and stuff from your favorite guitar players ?

Thanks, that is all I need for now. Thank you very much if you contribute. Much appreciated.