Hello, all. This is a question I have about a unique find. I have a trash picked guitar with a busted knob, crumby jack, no bridge, and no nut. Nut, knob, and jack are simple enough, but the bridge looks like this:


The posts are 64mm apart, so a typical gibson bridge will not fit. If I could just get bone that'd be fine. I could just drill holes in it (i have plenty of bone/plastic nut electrics, they sound great!)

I've tried looking for a bridge the right size, but no one posts sizes and I must be looking in the wrong place. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks a bunch!
I've fixed a friends guitar with the same bridge, the bridge part was made of some cheap, thin, like aluminum can metal. It was pretty shitty and can't be intonated. My bet would be some other bridge, tom maybe ? Of course you have to fill the holes and make new ones, but that's just my bet.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll probably just buy a new bridge and tailpiece while I'm at it, though I like the style of the one on there...
The real problem will be finding a really small one... the neck is 42mm at the nut and 48mm at the 12th fret.
Not on my gibson, maybe the strat neck comes close, but most tune o matics seem to be designed for gibson style. But I probably don't know what I'm talking about.