I saw that the chords of a song I wrote down was copied to e-chords.com, attributed to another person. It was clearly a copy, since it included the introduction and disclaimer I wrote as well.

So I wonder, is this even allowed? And if not, what actions can I or UG take to prevent this or undo this?
It happens all the time... I have had many many of my tabs copied and used on other guitar sites.... Sometimes they keep my name on them and give me credit, sometimes they don't, and as you stated sometimes someone else copies and pastes it in on another site and they get the credit.... So just accept it as there is nothing you can do to prevent it.... It happens...
Well, you don't really own the transcription. You transcribed somebody else's music and you are not paid for it. You don't own any copyrights for it. It's really not your own work (I mean, the chords of the song are the chords of the song - they don't change, your transcription is either correct or incorrect). If it was your own arrangement or your own composition, then it would be different.

You can of course downvote the tab (which I wouldn't suggest doing if it's an accurate tab) or report it. Or leave a request that they give credit for you.

But really, when I post tabs on this site, I don't really care that much if people give me credit or not (well, of course that makes me feel better). I just want to help people (because the truth is, most tabs on this site are pretty inaccurate). If somebody posted my tab on other site and didn't give credit to me, I wouldn't really care that much. It would just mean more people learn to play the song correctly, and I guess that's my goal when posting a tab. Well, I would maybe leave a comment that said something like it's originally my transcription and that the guy who posted it on the site is a lazy copycat (and I would post a link to my tab).
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