Hi Guys!

I've been trying to learn this tune but I have found it in two or three different tunings so I was wondering what's the general opinion about it?

The tabs I have found are E standard, Drop D and open D (i guess the tuning for Ghost Of Perdition)

So, how do I know which is the right one?

Thanks! Hope you can help me!
Most of them are in open D, but not all of them. I normally play it in open D.
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Well!! It looks like they finally played the freaking song live!
Found some footage from their 25th anniversary on youtube, it's not so clear but the way they play the second riff from the song seem the way it is tabbed on the E standard tablature on this page:
Now the opening riff they play it on the low strings (6th, 5th and 4th strings), different from that tab but may it's just another fingering... I'll give it a try once I get home and report back!

I haven't found a clear video from the concert so I'll have to wait for the DVD to confirm all this things!