Just wondering if anyone had used them/has any thoughts?
I like a dark pickup, and i usually cover all of mine for that super doomy sound, but im wondering if they're too dark to cover and still have a nice clean tone.
The Black Winters are becoming very popular for all kinds of sounds. I don't hear them as dark though. I don't hear them as dark, but very balanced between bass, mids, and treble. They have an awesome clean tone and absolutely kill when you need to.
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They are fantastic pickups, but not what you want, I'm thinking. I would never describe them as "dark;" they're rather more on the "bright" side of the spectrum. Even in my mahogany explorer they're bright.

As Mincer said, the cleans are legendary on both the bridge and neck pickups. Leads are this smooth, liquid silk kind of thing on the neck -- best leads I have ever gotten out of a neck pickup.

And the bridge is capable of pure destruction if you play hard, but responds very well to dynamics. They will do practically any genre well. But they definitely deliver the goods for black and death metal tones.

Edit: I don't know how covering a pickup will change the darkness/brightness -- but if it does indeed darken the pickups, then the BWs might be a good option because they are bright uncovered. I just don't think of them as "doom" or "sludge" pickups by any means.
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Interesting. Maybe covering them would be right up my alley then. I play an ambient kind of doom, with really atmospheric guitars, but most pickups i play are either super heavy or super pretty, where i want pretty with a lot of weight behind it. Would covering them screw up the clean signal or would it just take the overall tone spectrum down a notch? Hopefully that makes sense, not sure how pickup tone is measured. ..
For example, right now I'm playing the sock pickups in a dean ml with closed pickup covers over them. It gets the heaviness right, but lack in the prettiness, and when i uncover them they just get way too bright for any stuff
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No, I'm not too familiar with them. They come up a lot when i browse Amazon, but i dont think they have a lot of reviews, which is pretty necessary for me when my data plan can't run YouTube