I just got an Orange TH30 Head, and I'm in the process of looking for a cab to go with it. I was originally planning on getting a second hand orange 1x12, but I've realised I'm going to struggle getting a second hand cab as I don't have a car to go pick one up and I don't see many available. So I've been thinking about alternatives, such as the Harley Benson G112 Vintage, which has a celestion v30 in it.
I'm looking for ideally a 1x12 or similar sized cab, probably around £100-£150. Any recommendations would be great. Also do you think it's worth getting a cheaper cab or should i just wait and save up for the Orange 1x12 at £229, is there a big difference between using that, and say a cheaper alternative?
Thanks for any help!
check out roadkill cabs, they are UK based
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