Hi everyone!

My name is Alexander and I am playing guitar for a year now. I practice everyday, but just for fun.I watch youtube stuff (For example from Justin Sandercoe, I think hes a great internet guitar teacher) and trying to learn new songs every now and then. I use ultimate guitar a lot for checking out tabs and such. And I am curious about the community behind it

Next to that I had a question so I thought this is the right moment to make an account and check this out.

I was trying to find out how to play the electric guitar from Jonny Greenwood on High and Dry. Does anyone know which stompbox or pedal Jonny is using to make the high pitch sound in the video I refer to below. Because I tried to imitate him to do this, but I think he switches to another effect on his pedalboard for this sound. And I have no idea what kind of effect.

He does it a couple of times in the song.
Its the high pitch sound you can hear from 1:55 to 2:11 in this video:


Thanks if anyone has the slightest idea which effect it is, or how to do that, maybe I am just doing it wrong

And nice to meet you all
He scratches the string with his pickup really fast and has alot of overdrive in his circuit. That get's this sound. No specific pedal.