Hi guys,

Been doing some digging but not come up with anything so far. I have a black, slim les paul style guitar with tanglewood on the headstock. The headstock is a very perculiar shape with a thin section. The fingerboard is rosewood, with mountain and planet pearl inlays. The neck is maple in appearance and bolt on. The pickups are two open humbuckers with small stickers reading 'TEHG-R' on the back. The hardware is gold. The tone and volume pots read A500K and B500K on the backs respectively. I would have said the body wood looks too light to be mahogany, however I could be wrong. This is supposedly quite an old guitar, how old I don't know, but I was given it with a Marshall Park G10 mkII, which could be a useful reference. Would really like to know more about this guitar and any comment would be incredibly appreciated,
Thank you.
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