Hey UG!

So I've been playing guitar for quite some time now and wanted to start writing my own pieces. I've tried and tried and I can compose stuff I think sounds fine, but it sounds so empty. So I bought a looper (TC Electronics Ditto) and it sort of makes it more bearable, but the looper just lacks a few functions for my taste. I was wondering if I can make some basslines or drumtracks on my pc and loop them via my looper, but by lacking experience in this kind of area I have no idea where to start.

So can anybody help me out?

Thanks in advance!
Buying a software to simulate bass and drums in my opinion is a great place to start especially since the instruments are usually ten time mores expensive except in maybe the case of FL studio. The best way to gain experience is to learn and practice, most software will use a piano roll which just maps the notes out on a piano. You also don't have to use your looper to play the tracks plenty of software have that build in but it's an excellent tool for some chord progressions. Basically learn your software that's the best thing. And yea just guitar on a track can be quite bland even though it's a gorgeous instrument, multiple instruments make the best sounding music.