I would like to record myself playing, just for fun. Im not looking for professionnal quality or anything like this.
When i plug the amp via USB in my PC, the tone is just bad. So i'm looking for better ways to record.

Is it worth it to buy a micropohone, plug it in the computer and record like this ? Or will i just waste my money ?

What's your recording gear if you are in the same case ?

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Depending on your budget you can get different things.

The absolute minimum for passable recordings is an audio interface, microphone and amplifier. Of course, if all 3 of these are crap then the recordings will sound like crap, but chances are they will sound better than plugging the amp in through USB.

When I started I got a Presonus Audiobox and an SM57, which I still use today. Cost around £200 but if you go used you can save money that way.

Alternatively you could look into amp sims but either way you would need some kind of audio interface.
i just got the Peavey Revalver, maybe i will try to record with this
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i just got the Peavey Revalver, maybe i will try to record with this

Not a bad idea, it's an okay product if you know how to use it.
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Honestly, just for fun? If your amp is decent, then any old Blue USB mic will get you just-for-fun consumer quality for pretty cheap.
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Sounds great, butt simple to use. Even a caveman can do it.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
This is what I've used for years:

Guitar> interface (cheap line 6 UX1)> Reaper DAW (digital audio workstation, freeish)> VST plugins (TS secret tube screamer> Poulin Legion amp sim> Poulin LeCab2 cab sim with fredman impulses> Kjaerhus Audio Classic Reverb to add some space> Cockos ReaEQ> Stereo Enhancer to add depth> Kjaerhus Classic Compressor to give it some snappiness.)

Everything was legitimately free except for the interface. And if you're going to do any type of recording, I'd strongly recommend at least a simple interface.

But as far as VST's go, there's a little bit of a learning curve, but it's well worth it. There's a few definitive threads on UG about how to setup and use VST and I believe they're using Reaper as their example.

Good luck!
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i just got the Peavey Revalver, maybe i will try to record with this

Peavey Revalver is a great product. You should still get an interface to properly connect your guitar to your computer, and then if you interface doesnt include a driver, you can download Asio4all to minimize latency. Then just hit the record button and enjoy listening to your tracks
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