Heya! I'm not too sure about where to post this so I'll do it here since it basically does relate to theory

I've been listening to some of Symphony X's (favourite band since I was 15,they're all gods in my eyes lmao) older stuff,or "old",for me. There's two songs that caught my attention right away,that's "In the Dragon's Den" and "The Relic. They have this,what imo sounds freakin' awesome,chord progression which utilizes these specific intervals at 01:32-01:55 and 01:18-01:36 respectively.

It's probably not so awesome for you guys but I think I connect these specific intervals with (which is also my favourite) Dante. Dante from the Devil May Cry games and anime. In the anime or in the games there's this song that uses EXCACTLY the same chord progression or intervals. It must be because the first time I heard these parts in those two songs I instantly thought of Dante. Which brings me to my question,which song is that?

I'm ripping my hair off in frustration because I can't find it, but I'm 100% certain that one of the DMC songs have that part.
It's kind of a long shot but any DMC fans here? It's funny how music sneaks into your brain and stays there