Vrann lulls the listener with the sounds of a rainstorm outdoors. I enjoyed the grooves here, at some points it reminded me of Russian Circles and other post metal/progressive groups. I dig the instrumental approach here. It's not the 'in your face' type of black metal which I have a tough time getting into. There's nice variation in the drums (I'm not sure if you used a drum machine here or if you/someone played them, kudos for throwing me off :P). I wish there was a little more lead playing throughout the track.

Here are some of the highlights of the track for me:

2:03 Excellent guitar tone here. It's powerful but not over-powering the other instrument voices.

3:40 The double bass enters the scene at the perfect moment. It really helped the section of this track develop.

5:24 Another skillful transition here into an almost thrashy climax.

5:56 The solo came in A BIT atonally here, which added a nice level of complexity.

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Nice sound effects on the intro. Moody guitars go with the intro. Now it's getting a lot more heavy, guitar is now a bit loud. Getting a bit chaotic now. Some good vocals wouldn't hurt. I liked the less heavy portions best. The good lead guitar could be louder, with the rhythm guitar less loud. Perhaps you could review my music at this link: