Awesome song i loved it. Wasn't too flashy but kept me interested. I feel like so many people try and do this stuff, and they do it so wrong. They add a million harmonics and slap their guitars and try and doing something visually crazy and it causes the song itself to suffer. But you did a great job. Can't wait to hear more! check mine out??

Thanks Eric, really appreciate the feedback! I agree with you - I don't enjoy overuse of percussive elements unless they are supporting a good melody.

I enjoyed your tune, nice sound and playing. The percussion was kinda cool but I'd maybe turn down the bongo in the mix as it's a bit distracting rather than supportive. Nice video too in the forest and well shot
Thanks for the feedback man.

Sorry for being so late getting back to you.

I like your style - very open and melodic sounding but with rhythmic elements to boot. All in all it's a well written and performed piece. Nice varying sections and I like how you change up the rhythmic side of it here and there without resorting to just a steady beat throughout. Sounds like some professional work to me, keep at it man.