Hey there,

I've been playing guitar for a few years and added singing and songwriting to my skillset, so to speak, a couple of years ago.

There's this one song I wrote that I can sing good, or play good. No other possibility. It's not a technically difficult song at all. Simple power chord shapes, nothing weird.

The song is originally recorded all in downstrokes, and i want to be able to sing and play like that. I can manage that up to the chorus, that's when I have to invest more energy, so to speak, into the singing. I invariably fuck up the timing every damn time. This is starting to be frustrating, since a practiced quite a bit on doing both things at once, but can't get over that hurdle.

If I play the song and the chorus with the first strumming pattern I learned years ago, I'm able to keep time and sing with no problem. This is the d d u u d strumming. A la cobain in many songs, so to speak. a basic campfire strum, which doesn't fit the song at all.

Any ideas on how I can practice so as to get over this?

thanks a lot