a year or more ago i stopped playing bass, sold all my gear. Ive played guitar for over 8 years and bass for about 2. The last two weeks i got the urge to start again but I'm on a tight budget.

Im looking at the squier basses. something around $250 or less used since i need to buy a amp also.

suggestions? i really like the look of the CV and P bass
That doesn't help much. First off, what music do you play?
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If you mean the Classic Vibe precision bass and it's in your budget then definitely go for it. $250 doesn't seem like it'll get you one though so you might want to look at the Vintage Modified line instead. A Squier VM PJ Bass would fit the bill, I'm sure.

If you want a do-all workhorse bass for rock and pop then a Precision Bass is always the standard. Just make sure you get one with a neck profile (width, depth, radius) that you feel comfortable. Some of them have baseball bats for necks which is great for some people and torture for others.