Seems to be one hell of a lot of OD pedals out there, do any stand out from the pack in both killer sound and originality or is this like searching for a baboon in a thermal vent - a fool's errand
Nope, mostly just klones and screamers.

But the Hungry Robot and variants are original circuits with too many dipswitches. DOD Boneshaker has para EQ (it is a distortion, though). Seymour Duncan 805 Drive is a screamer with 3-band active EQ. Chellee effects has nice takes on the screamer and klone circuits also. EQD Palisades is a versatile screamer clone as well. And the Dr. Scientist The Elements has a lot of options too.

And this apparently: http://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/mxr-evh-5150-overdrive.1629051/
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Check out Protone pedals they make some cool OD pedals, a signature Jeff Loomis and Misha Mansoor OD. I like the Misha Mansoor OD for the mid boost it offers.
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I have a Dr. Scientist The Elements distortion pedal and it lets you hook up an expression pedal, so you can gradually change the amount of gain with your foot. Pretty cool idea.
If you want to stand out get an EQ and shape your sound exactly how you like it.
The Seymour Duncan 805 and Earthquaker Talons are notable for having a 3 band EQ. I think EVH is putting out an OD with a 3 band EQ, so that seems to be catching on.
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I like my Gigfx VOD. three band eq with three different levels of gain, think of a wah pedal with 4 positions, Off, Od 1 OD2, OD3
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original doesn't necessarily mean good-sounding.


but yeah there are some fairly original things out there. of course, often when something original and good comes out, it's about 15 minutes till someone else clones it...
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it's what you do with it that makes it original or not. overdrives are fairly simplistic when you get down to it. giving you more tone shaping isn't really original just makes it better for dialing in sounds. of course teh sounds you dial in can be the original part. as far as something new and exciting i don't think overdrives are where you are going to find a whole lot of innovation per se. 50,000 tubescreamer clones can't be wrong