This question might be a bit stupid and pretty much off-topic and just really doesn't fit in any category...

Well, again Slash. I really haven't paid attention to it before but whenever Slash goes for a fast solo his mouth moves faster that Gordon Ramsay's on a flaming spree. I've noticed I do the same thing. Just out of curiosity, why do I move my mouth like a tornado when ever I play something fast, solos for example?

I'm pretty sure everyone experiences it but often goes unnoticed. Just wondering why. Why would my mouth move when I use my fingers? But yeah, this is most likely not the most suitable place for the topic but nobody gets hurt.
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It's just reflex I guess. Mostly unconscious, like a tick. My guess is that the hands and the face are related somehow, and when you focus really hard on playing that blazing ukelele solo it also activates the motor regions of the face. I'm no scientist though, so take what I say with a handful os salt and dirt. When I'm playing stuff that I need to concentrate on I press my lips really hard, and tense my right foot (only the right one). When I get aware of it I feel real silly and try to stop (especially because tensing muscles is not good, but I don't know if my tensing my foot affects my guitar playing)
I think people that move their mouth are concentrating on the sound they want to get out of their guitar. My mouth goes like "wah wah" when I play with a wah. That's just how it goes.

I think it just means that you know what you are after.
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Google "guitar face".

It's a definite rock convention. When soloing on guitar you're supposed to look as if you're having an orgasm. If it looks like a difficult bowel movement instead, well maybe that's how it sounds too....
lolol like a tornado ahahahaha. i love it but hey man i love slashes stuff and play it alot my mouth always does that on a fast solo to man its just natural