My choices are the Laney Ironheart 60watt combo, Bugera 6262, Krank revolution 1 combo, and the Blackstar HR studio 20. What's the better amp? Thanks in advance for the help.
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Out of those I'd pick Krank, though the Ironheart is more versatile and Krank is an acquired taste. Any examples (bands, songs) of what you want? I am a huge Krank fanboy, they're built well, they sound good, but they aren't for everyone.
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Ironheart is awesome and immensely versatile.
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The Krank is the better amp not only sound wise, but it is a USA made amp built with really good parts. Also it should be the cheapest option other than the Bugera, which I will not recommend at all
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i am not a fan of blackstar. i like the krank sound a lot, but the only one i ever tried in person was the "+" version. supposedly there is a sizable difference. but, i am confident that they are built better.
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