Covered by Vangelis Vergos...

I used my Fender Stratocaster 70's (customized neck with Blackmore progressive scalloped fretboard / bridge PU Seymour Duncan SSL-4T / Wilkinson/Gotoh VSVG Vintage Tremolo) and recorded through the M-Audio Firewire solo soundcard with Cubase 5, using Guitar rig 5...


My music: https://www.youtube.com/user/EVGemini77/videos
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Do you have a Post-it on your guitar?
(C4C) Here's the thread for my loopy loop, "We Began." It's kooky... CLICK
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Do you have a Post-it on your guitar?

Huh huh, no it's not. I don't have it anymore
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Very nice cover man. Keep on

Thank you my friend, keep rockin' \m/