Hey all,

Really loving this website, it has fired my interest back up for guitar. After not being able to afford lessons for years, I Found this website and it has motivated me to teach myself and start learning.

That said. I am trying to figure out a song that does not have a tab on here by a relatively lesser known musician. The song is "Far and Over the Sea" by Tom Francis --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sFZaze9_OM

So basically, in regular tuning I figured he was playing a F# for the very first note. My best guess is that the second note is he removes his 3 finger from the chord. From there on though, I cannot figure out what he is doing.

Would someone be willing to help me with this song? I am a pretty novice guitarist, but I love this song and would like to share / help work on a tab.

Check out the video for reference. It's pretty simple but I am not knowledgeable enough to play it.

Thanks guys!
I just have my bass in hand so I can't be much help, but the walk-down (the root notes of the chord progression) is definitely C#, B, G#, F# .

He is just leaving his finger on the F#(shown in the video) out of convenience, he is not playing it for each bar.

At least, as far as i can tell by just using my ears.

Edit: taking a stab at the chords. tab coming soon.
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This is the best I can do for the four chords in the tune.


I'm absolutely horrendous with theory, but basically make an F#maj chord shape. Mute the D string. Walk down the root notes of C#, B, G#, F# in that order. It might be tricky to play as novice.

You could just strum the top 3 notes and have a bassist play the root notes, of course! (that wouldn't be right though )

As for the chorus, I didn't get that far. I'm sure you'll get it. Good luck, and welcome!
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
Tune everything down 1/2-step, transpose those notes above up a fret.

Em | D | C | |
Em | D | C | D |
G | | Bm | |
Em | | C | |
G | | Bm | |
Em | | C | |
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